4 Amazing Ad Products:

  • #1 SUPERSYNC | TV Ads
  • #2 SUPERSYNC | Subtitle
  • #3 SUPERSYNC | GIFChat
  • #4 SUPERSYNC | Content

Rich Media Formats

High impact ads which deliver a "Wow" experience


Ads which are relevant to the user at the right moment

Deliver Results

All formats deliver high engagement, high viewability and high CTRs

#1 TV Ads

Sync your TV advert in under 2 seconds to the TVGuide audience

#2 Subtitle

React om real time to what's happening on TV
Our Very.co.uk campaign syncs to all mentions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the news

#3 GIFChat

New community environment where fans can discuss TV shows and share 6-second GIFs

#4 Content

Interactive banners that react to the content
Drag and drop banner allowing users to pick up content from the page they are reading and drag it to the banner to find out more.

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